Kenya was a British colony in the pre colonial times. Today, none other country in Africa can match the sheer range of scenery and Landscapes. It has a great variety of Wild animals and birds. This is the magic of Kenya .

Kenya is the heart of safari company country and a trip through a few of its spectacular parks and reserves is a memorable experience. Breathtaking sights include millions of wildebeest on their annual migration between August and October and equally large numbers of pink flamingoes massing on the shores of the Rift Valley soda Lakes. For sheer majesty it’s hard to beat the sight of a herd of elephants crossing the plains with Africa’s most famous mountain, the evocative snow- capped Kilimanjaro on the back drop.

Get off the beaten track on a walking safari, a camel safari, or on horseback. You can even freewheel down the Great Rift Valley on a mountain bike. There are a thousand species of birds to spot, 59 National Parks and reserves to explore, trails to hike, mountains to climb, golf holes to eagle, trout to catch and people to meet.

After all this activity in the bush, what a contrast to let go and relax on a white sand , palm fringed beach besides the clear blue water of the incomparable Indian Ocean. If you have energy to spare you can sail , catch a marlin, surf a wind, learn to scuba, or simply goggle at the remarkable coral reefs and tropical fish in seven marine parks.

Those seeking more energetic pursuits will find no shortage of challenges – Kenya has some excellent mountains to climb, especially the popular Mt. Kenya with its unusual alpine flora, the Kilimanjaro and the much less visited Mt. Elgon in the west of Ugandan boarder.

Excellent air connections with Europe , Asia and else where in Africa make Kenya the ideal place for a short visit, or the starting or finishing point for a longer sojourn in Africa.

Either way Kenya has it all-don’t miss it. You have to see it to believe it.

Tanzania is East Africa’s largest country and is also one of its most diverse, providing a home for more than 100 different ethnic groups, as well as some of the largest wildlife on the continent. Its Topography is Africa’s most spectacular, this are the Great Rift Valley, Mt. Kilimanjaro ( Highest Mountain in Africa) and the undulating vast Serengeti plains.

At the coast , are idyllic islands ringed by beautiful palm- fringed beaches, and Zanzibar Island with its fame for cloves (Spices) and rich Arabic Culture, being once a center of Slavery.

Tanzania is rich in geological and archaeological discoveries. Don’t fail to visit the famous Olduvai Gorge where remains of first man was discovered , the Ngorongoro crater which is one of Africa’s best known wildlife – viewing areas and one of Tanzania most visited.

Uganda is the pearl of Africa- beautiful country in Africa, with fantastic natural scenery , half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population and some of the friendliest people you could hope to meet.

Once famed as a war zone, Uganda is stable now with one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Uganda’s parks and reserves are best in E. Africa. They offer quite different experiences to visitors: Viewing of the Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi, The chimps in Kibale Forest, and the Nile’s Murchison Falls are all this highlights should not to be missed.

Uganda is landlocked country, hence has no coastline. Alternative visit to the coast would be Kenya or Tanzania for beach safaris.